Job Description

Angular Developer

Experience: 3 Years Minimum

Role and Responsibility

  • Proficient in Gitlab workflows, branch naming conventions, conventional commits, MR strategy, GIT Rebase proficiency, cherry-picking and patch strategy.
  • Unit Testing, TDD workflows, E2E tests, well-established object/class Mocking and API mocking, network request Mocking and error handling.
  • Proficient in programming practices, well apt towards identifying best approaches towards complex algorithms.
  • Writes clean understandable, sleek code, follows no-code / less code principles.
  • Well versed with debugging tools, can quickly walk through the code using a debugger in all technologies, should be able to ramp up quickly with just traversing the code base.
  • Good hands on command line tools, Linux / Bash scripts / CI / CD pipelines and understanding DevOps principles, understand automation scripts for code build and deployment.
  • Should be able to integrate 3rd party libraries, be able to locate and understand documentation and APIs quickly and adapt to the community guidelines provided by all platforms.

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