Job Description

Project Manager/Senior Business Analyst

Experience: 8+ years

Key Responsibilities

  • Project management, Client Relationship Management, Opportunity Tracking, Business Proposal Designing & Writing
  • Interaction with Team members across different roles to monitor and control the project
  • Produce documentation across project life cycle such as high level system design, project charters etc
  • Develop business defined Project Scope, Project Functional Specifications, Use Case Scenarios, Wireframes, Design Document, DFDs
  • Actively involved in walkthroughs and meetings with development team to discuss issues related to project development
  • Responsible for liaising between technical and business teams for meeting customer requirements as well as solving problems on a daily basis
  • Involved in documentation using MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint
  • Advise on functional aspects, liaise with client to understand and gather requirements, Manage client relationship, and suggest suitable solutions as per their requirement, Ensure conformance to RFP requirements and Drafting technical and Business proposal for the Clients for different projects
  • Review costs with the Team and identify optimizations, Enforce Management Process, take necessary approvals from Management by necessary reviews
  • Coordinate with team in the design of portal, application and solution to meet the various requirements of clients and add value to the entire solution to be more productive and effective
  • Coordinating with the groups of business unit who test, validate, evaluate new applications and functions, and determine issues in services and software
  • Managing any change requests related to the working project plans daily to meet the agreed deadlines
  • SDLC, DDLC, Use Cases, Client Communication/ Handling, SRS Development, Ability to analyse and document complex business processes

Key Competencies & Skills:

  • Project planning
  • Business analysis
  • Change management & impact analysis
  • Cost & resource estimates
  • Client relations

Technical Skills

  • MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power Point, Axure, Balsamiq, Snag-IT, Visio

Personality Traits

  • Ability to make effective decisions under pressure
  • Ability to think analytically and a problem solver
  • Ability to gather and interpret relevant data and information
  • Ability to be instrumental in inspiring others towards establishing and achieving group goals by providing clear goals
  • Keep up the positive attitude towards work

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